Welcome to my quest in finding the right words

I have always loved writing. I remember when I was small I wrote a mini storybook that starred Powerpuff Girls as the main characters. I remember showing it to my dad though I don’t think he was impressed by it, probably because I used his drawing papers without his permission (Opps, sorry not sorry). I was 8 years old. It was my first memory of writing, and it has become one of the core memories. 

As I grew up, I found myself burying my face in books and immersing myself between different cities across the world, learning about the culture and meeting with different fictional characters; I am pretty sure I was there witnessing Voldermort shouting happily ‘Harry Potter is dead!’ cuz he thought that he had won the war. Yep, I was there. I guess that is how I fell in love with reading, as it transport you to a different world where your imagination knows no bound.

It took me some time to finally be able to do this because I just couldn’t find the write words on where to begin or what to write. Those who knows me, you might see me scribbling some ideas on papers, throwing those papers away, doing some research scribble some notes again, and thinking ‘Hey I got this’. Post it, let it sit for some time on the timeline, and click the delete button. Back to square one.

Even as I am writing this too, I am all jittery, maybe because my words are finally getting out there. There will be no filter as I will pour it all out of the silence spoken words that has been lingering in my head. 

So I guess this is then. Bismillah.

Imma gonna sip a cup of coffee, write in between floating furs and purrs

Sip. Write. Purr.

by Fatimah

Location: The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf Elmina City. Vibe 8/10