Self reminder: To appreciate moments in between

It was 31st August, brother H (sounds like a higher supreme here eh), aka my third brother, asking me where can he get a quick nature trip? It was Malaysia’s Independence Day, so you can imagine the crowds.

So I said, well, the closest one gotta be Bagan Lalang. It’s only a one-hour drive. However, the thought of traffic and the possibility of rain made us sigh and quickly dismiss the idea and we went to One Utama instead.

I remember him saying, “One Utama has that mini park in the middle of the mall. I can heal there.”

my healing trip at One U

The next day, we had breakfast at Kenny Hills in another mall (IOI City Mall),yes another mall. By then we had had enough of mall and that’s when we decided to go for it. We desperately needed nature.  Ayah, brother number 4, S, and his wife came along too.

Even though Bagan Lalang is in Selangor, this was only my second visit in my 29 years of living. Sad, isn’t it? :’). The first time I went, I didn’t really know what to expect, so I wasn’t prepared.

But this time around, I came prepared. More on this in my review here.

After one and a half-hour drive, we arrived at Bagan Lalang, and there were a few crowds that already camped out along the beach. Nevertheless, we did manage to find a good spot to lepak.

We were really glad that we came. I know I did. It was a healing trip I never knew I needed. Alhamdulillah, all praises to Allah; everything about the day was perfect. It wasn’t too hot as grey clouds started to cover the sun. The sound of the waves lapping the shore was like music to our ears and serenity to our hearts.

All six of us huddled and sat on the rug, while Ayah sat on a mini chair. While snacking, we talked about everything that had happened in our lives. We even joked that when we came here eight months ago, we talked about W’s wedding day. Now, we were discussing someone else’s wedding day (can’t reveal yet). It seemed like this was our official spot to discuss weddings.

I added to the joke and said, “Okay, when I get married, we’ll come here again.”

Then S said; ‘Please do another place, we’re getting bored of this place’

I love moments like this: the impromptu plans, the deep conversations, the inside jokes, the silent moments in between, and just being present to witness them with your own eyes. It’s a blessing that we often take for granted.

Sometimes, when life feels a bit overwhelming and you’re feeling numb, just breathe… breathe… and breathe. Take a look at everything around you, enjoy these little moments you have, and you’ll realize how they make your heart feel whole.

Sip. Write. Purr.

By Fatimah