Life as we know it

I recently took a two-week break from my writing because a major shift is about to happen in my life. While I can’t reveal all the details just yet, those who have been following my Instagram stories might have caught a hint. This impending change has unintentionally stirred up a whirlwind of emotions as I contemplate all that’s about to transform. However, in moments when my mind struggles to find answers, I remind myself that Allah knows best. Sometimes, when we can’t reach conclusions with our rationality, we must rely on faith, trusting that Allah is all-knowing, all-wise, and all-seeing. This thought somehow brings solace to my heart. For now, I’ll hit the pause button on this story and pick up where I left off next week, without spilling all the tea just yet.

But I will spill just a little droplet of tea about myself as I’ve spent these past couple of weeks planning some exciting plans with my dear friend.

From employee-employer to potterhead to making something together. Life as we know it, eh?

Meet Syaf. To write about how we became friends and got very close would need a dedicated solo blog post because it’s going to be a long ride, which i shall write it one day.

This year marks 3 years of our friendship. As I grow up, I realize that I always have one close friend for each milestone in my life. Syaf came into my life during our company’s start-up year (one day I shall write about this). She was the second batch of interns that we hired and the first interns who worked under my division.

I still remember she WhatsApped me before coming for the interview to ask for the location, and her WhatsApp profile picture was Harry Potter, which got me so freaking excited. Bear in mind that it’s impossible to find a potterhead nowadays. So, imagine my excitement. And yes, after the interview (and being professional), I asked her straight away, ‘Are you a potterhead?’ 

And no, I did not hire her because of this. Syaf is a wise, skillful, talented, hardworking, passionate team member any employer would gladly have (Okay, this is not her reference letter). 

And more than anything, she is an amazing friend anyone could ask for. I’m forever grateful for this, and may Allah bless our friendship always.

We became close right away from the start and neither of us thought our friendship would last until now. And obviously we did not anticipate that we would start something together. Both Syaf and I, we love cooking, love to eat what we cook, love to write, make videos, edit— basically a basic start for content creation — yes we have passion about this. 

So we got into talking to do something for fun while making money at the same time, like why not eh? And eventually, we decided to compress all this elements together intoooooo drum roll selling spicessss!

And we will be launching… drum roll thisssss MONDAY!! You can follow our Tiktok account at @rempahhub. Here is the link.

Fortunately, Syaf’s mom is an expert at getting the right ingredients for making spices. And these spices are super easy to cook and taste like kenduri Kahwin type of spices. While we were prepping for the production, Syaf said, “we should use this a tagline for single like us- ‘Tak tau bila nak dapat rasa nasi minyak sendiri, jadi kita masak lah sendiri’”.

We laughed out loud, then we termenung with our own joke.

Dear future husband, when will we be tasting our nasi minyak?”

PS. Stay tuned for the exciting spice adventure ahead!

Sip. Write. Purr.

by Fatimah