How I met my cats

How I met my employers…

Every now and then, somewhere in between these words, you may notice purrs floating around me, paw prints on the floor, stalking pairs of eyes, curling tails, and scratching marks on my hand—yes, you are right, I was employed by not one, but five cats.

I first met Sika back in 2018. Back then, I didn’t know what I was signing up for. Of course, I did read the employment contract, but I did not expect the imbalance in my work-life.

Sika is a lady boss and a diva, alright. She hired me to be her personal assistant. You know, running errands, picking up her lunches and dinner, flushing toilets for her, answering her calls—oh, you know when someone calls her, looks for her, can’t find her, and you have to frantically run around the house only to find her on the sofa sleeping and not bothering to respond to the call, yep, that’s the one.

kurang asam…

It was bearable for awhile. But things got pretty challenging when Sika was set up for an arranged marriage with Lorence. Sika was not that thrilled. But they got married anyway in 2019, and they have 3 kids together. 

Three little heartbeats were born <3 in Nov 2019

Lorence is everything you want in a man (cat version). He is very loving, takes care of the house, prays (Alhamdulillah), is always in the mood to fight with any male cats that come to the house, misses you after you’re gone for 30 minutes, always answers your call, and will follow you around 24/7.

Alhamdulillah brotherrr

Despite all of that, Sika doesn’t like any of it. Sika just dislikes him. I’m not entirely sure what’s the reasons behind this.

And this can complicate things because Lorence works together with Sika. Hence, he is my employer as well. Situations can get complicated . Cuz, at times they will get into arguments.

And at times they will shower their love everywhere… anywhere…



Sip. Write. Purr.

by Fatimah