A Chapter About You By Fatimah

This series is about you. This is your story. Now the pen is yours, what would you write?

Find your story,
For it echoes the whispers of your soul.


Dear you, 
protect this heart of yours,
for it houses the love that makes you whole.


This is a chapter about you.
You are the writer of your life.
Write it now.
Write it loud.
Write it silently.
Just write it


They’ll tell you
That your time will arrive
And they won’t be wrong
But have you given 
That time to yourself?


Dance away 
Through the raindrops of tears 
Through the storms of doubts 

Dance away 
To the memories of the aching heart 
To the worry of the future 

Dance away
In the rhythm of your heartbeat 
In the symphony of courage 

Keep dancing 
To the dreams that you long 
For there’s still so much more.


Listen the words of your heart 
Be the voice of your dreams 
And embrace the journey of finding your true story  


i want to write a chapter about you 
of how you become
the beginning, middle and ending 
of my story 
But sadly, you never reached the heart of it 


Have you ever wondered
what it would be like
if your story,
was told by your own voice?
Would you be able to see it then,
That your story matters.


Close your eyes,
Let your heartbeat compose its symphony,
Can you catch the notes?
The enigma of your soul unfurls,
Tune in to the footsteps,
Leading you to that starlit destination of yours 
Now open your eyes
Did you see it now? 
Hold onto it 
Don’t ever let it go


Sometimes, written words beat louder than the soundless voice 
as they echo the deepest thoughts 
of a wondrous soul