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Meeting at USJ
Lorence sombongg
Cooking for 8
With lil heartbeats
third wheeling again
someone’s getting married

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  • Book 01

    Book 01

    This series is about you. This is your story. Now the pen is yours, what would you write?

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  • Post 01: To Just Tulis

    Post 01: To Just Tulis

    I am pretty sure I was there witnessing Voldermort shouting happily ‘Harry Potter is dead!’ cuz he thought that he had won the war. Yep, I was there. I guess that is how I fell in love with reading, as it transport you to a different world where your imagination knows no bound.

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oh hey there!

Tulis Quest is my voyage of uncovering my passion in writing. “Tulis” means write, and it encapsulates the essence of what this blog is all about.

It will be a space where words dance, and imagination come alive. I hope my musings bring comfort and warmth to your day

Thank you for joining me!